error -2147217900 instead of error -2147217873 from SQLserver 
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 error -2147217900 instead of error -2147217873 from SQLserver


we have an Internet application writen in ASP that accesses a SQL Server 7.0
database through VB 6.0 Com objects.
When users try to delete a record wich has a constraint we use  error
code -2147217873 to trap this error and return a message to the user.  This
has worked fine upto a certain moment.  We had installed debugging tools on
our server (its running on a clustered Win2000 server).  Now we get error
code -2147217900 for all error from ADO, it's always the same number
regardless of the error.  We disabled the debugging tools, we reinstalled
MDAC nothing helps.
Anyone ran into to the same problem ?  how did you solve it ?

kind regards,

Bart Van Rooy

Mon, 17 May 2004 16:29:27 GMT  
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