MSDASC.DataLinks problem 
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 MSDASC.DataLinks problem

I'm using the MSDASC.Datalinks Object in order to allow my users to change
the data source in a program that I'm writing.  It seems to work fine for
creating a new Connection when I use the PromptNew() method.  When I use the
ProptEdit() method I run into problems.  It seems to allow the user to
change the database connection, but upon choosing the OK option it generates
the following error: "Error occurred while attempting to set the properties
you entered. To make changes and try again, click Cancel. To accept this
error and continue, click OK.  Failed properties:".  It then lists one or
more properties like Password or DataSource.  I've only tested it with
Access 97 Databases using the Jet 4.0 Provider.  If anyone knows a way to
correct this problem I'd appreciate it.  Otherwise I'm going to have to use
the promptnew method exclusively, which will be frustrating to users, but
less so than not being able to change the database.



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Tue, 26 Aug 2003 02:46:24 GMT  
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