ActiveX DLL events won't fire when DLL shows Modal Form 
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 ActiveX DLL events won't fire when DLL shows Modal Form

Hi All,

I have this problem with one of my projects where I've developed an ActiveX
DLL that wraps a SSL sockets control, a login form and handles messages from
the remote host.

Firstly let me say that when I test this DLL in the IDE, everything works
fine - I have a Project Group containing a test EXE and the DLL.

When I compile the DLL and start another EXE project with a reference to the
registered DLL, I start having problems. I've narrowed it down to the Login
Form. When the Form is shown as Modal, my events that I'm raising in the DLL
won't fire, but when the Form is shown Modeless they do. This I can't
understand, because as I said earlier, when I tested the code in the IDE
with a Project Group, everything worked fine - Modal or Modeless.

Can anybody shed some more light on this please :)

Johan Grobler

Sun, 05 Sep 2004 15:18:17 GMT  
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