passing UDTs to classes 
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 passing UDTs to classes

Hi all,

I have a write down a class component using methods and funcs of a C dll
written by another company. But I need to pass some type definition as
parameter to class components methods. How can I realize this? I 'm using
VB6 sp5. BTW: I have no C knowledge and know nothing about this C dll. I
have only documentation about methods, functions and a .bas file for type
definitions that will be used by VB applications.

Here 's a little sample about type definitions.

Type routePlans
    routeCode As String * 5
    AccountCode As String * 25
    crtDate as customDate
End Type

Type customDate
        Day as Integer
        month as Integer
        Year as Integer
end type

Thanx in advance


Sat, 08 May 2004 17:19:51 GMT  
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