VB6-- problem with GetObjectContext.Item("Request") 
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 VB6-- problem with GetObjectContext.Item("Request")

I wonder if anyone can help- as I've exhausted deja and microsoft.com in an
effort to find a solution.

I'm having problems with the following bit of code. Basically when it hits
line 3 it bombs out with an "object required" error. The annoying thing is
that I have got this to work on another PC. The ASP page which fires this
off is run on a local IIS (Windows 2000)- and the ASP page resides in a
virtual directory.

Is there anyone who may have an inkling as to why I can't reference the
Request option??

   1   Dim oRequest As ASPTypeLibrary.Request
   2   Dim oServer As ASPTypeLibrary.Server

   3   Set oRequest = GetObjectContext.Item("Request")
   4   Set oServer = GetObjectContext.Item("Server")



Sun, 18 Apr 2004 22:53:39 GMT  
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