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 Automation Error

I am studying Visual Basic 6.0 Sample Projects "Hello". I compile two
projects to two exe files, one is Helo_cli.exe, the other is Helo_svr.exe.

I copy these two files to two Windows 2000 workstations, and run
Helo_svr.exe to register the ActiveX EXE on both mechines.

At last I use RACMGR32.EXE to config Helo_svr.exe as a remote server, but
when I config it as Remotion Automation (use remote register), then run
Helo_cli.exe, there is an error message popup say that :"Automation error,
There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.". When I
config as it DCOM, it say "Permission deny" (But I have already set it to
'Allow all remote create')

Can anyone tell me why?

Thanks in advance

Sat, 30 Aug 2003 20:05:23 GMT  
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