MFC Control Events Caught in VB Program - Weird Behaviour 
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 MFC Control Events Caught in VB Program - Weird Behaviour

Hi All,

I have written an MFC-based ActiveX control(lets call is ControlA)
which is being used within a VB ActiveX Control (lets call it
ControlB).  I am experiencing a weird behaviour when I catch a
particular event in ControlB and attempt to display a modal form.

ControlA raises an event under certain circumstances in the LButtonUp
event.  I catch this event in Control B and attempt to display a modal
form using a call similar to " vbModal".  However,
even though the apparently modal form is displayed, ControlA still
received MouseMove events and I can even click on it again and cause a
second "Modal" dialog to be displayed by ControlB!!  However, if I
display a messagebox instead of my custom dialog, everything works as

Any ideas why displaying a form modally does not prevent me from
interacting with an underlying control as expected?  Any ideas as to
how I work around this issue?

Thanks a lot,

Fri, 16 Dec 2005 10:00:05 GMT  
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