VB, Threading and COM Problems 
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 VB, Threading and COM Problems

My problem has several facets to it.  Firstly, I am aware that the VB IDE has a
general problem with multi-threaded projects,  Can someone please let me know
what that is?  I am a VC++ developer working on legacy code and the structure I
have would work in VC++ but doesn't in VB.
Testing and debugging is impossible because of the IDE problem.  However, there
is another issue.

The project is Automation EXE server that runs as a standard exe.  
It has several internal COM Objects, all of type MultiUse.  These are created
using CreateObject to ensure that a new thread is created for each instance.
A hierarchy of objects is created in this manner, this is only 1 level deep
Testing is a nightmare, but can some people advise me as to what I need to watch
for or cannot actually do with VB and any debugging tips or pitfalls.

Many thanks and happy christmas

Mon, 09 Jun 2003 20:53:09 GMT  
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