Compile Error: Permission Denied with my own ActiveX component 
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 Compile Error: Permission Denied with my own ActiveX component

We have developed our own ActiveX Component using Visual C++.  It is
registered as a COM Service and the Type Library is contained within the
executable.  We have also written a VB Application with Visual Basic 6.0
that uses the objects within the service.  Everything runs fine when hitting
the run button.  However, when I try to make an executable from the project,
I get the error "Compile Error: Permission Denied" and the line that first
tries "Set myObj As New MyLib.MyInterface" is highlighted.

I have installed service pack 4, and have run Vb6cli.exe.  The documentation
for Vb6cli.exe claims it will not fix third party components.  Well, this is
what I need.  How do I get my Objects to compile into my VB Appllication?


Sat, 12 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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