DCOM server hangs: Win2000 client / NT server problem 
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 DCOM server hangs: Win2000 client / NT server problem

I'm having a problem with a production system that has
been running for almost two years.  The server component
is VB 6.0 (SP3) running on a NT 4.0 (SP4) server.  The
client component (also VB 6.0 sp3) runs on NT 4.0

Until recently, the system has been running fine.  
However, some of the client computers are now running
Win2000.  Now we are having problems with the server
component "hanging".  

When the server component hangs, there are no error
messages on the NT log.  The clients hang as well (they do
not timeout).  However, if I manually terminate the server
component using Task Manager, everything jumps back to

Any ideas?


Fri, 09 Jan 2004 23:44:05 GMT  
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