Determine Hex Address of VB6 MTS DLL 
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 Determine Hex Address of VB6 MTS DLL


     I could not find a more appropriate forum for this
question.  I am hoping that someone will pick it up and
run with it.  Thanks in advance.

     I am hosting an ASP/VB6 MTS/SQL internet app on
WIndows Powered (Dell OEM version of 2K Adv. Srvr.) OS
that is reporting "ADODB.Parameter (0x800A0D5c) Object no
longer valid." errors on a line in the ASP that calls the
MTS object passing Request("vbl_name") objects as

     I am also seeing the folowwing events in the NT Event

     EventID:     4194
     Exception:   C0000005
     Address:     0x1F4514E2
     Call Stack:
          msado15!DllGetClassObject + 0x1AD
          myobject + 0x1EF01

     Finally, my questions.

     1) Is the hex number following the myobject reference
in the Call Stack an offset to the calling line of code in
the module map or in memory?

     2) If it is an offset to the module map, how can I
trace it to the human-readable form of the code to try to
get a handle on what's going on?

     3) Am I way off base?


Mon, 04 Oct 2004 21:07:03 GMT  
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