Dcom & CLIReg32 (and others) 
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 Dcom & CLIReg32 (and others)

  We are trying to package & deploy our first Dcom.. & The
package & deploy is looking for needed data that all our
information about DCOM assume we have are missing, and
looking around we can not seem to figure out how we get
ahold of these missing DLL.

We have VB Professional. We have Windows NT.. We think
these Dll's should have been on one of these packages..

CLIREG32.exe --- Definately needed for DCOM

ODKOB32.dll   --- These seem to be more needed with remote
RACREG32.dll      processing rather then DCOM, but the
                  package process still wants them, so not
                  sure they may be needed.. We are missing
                  them also.

Anyone know how we can get these essental missing pieces?


Sun, 11 Jul 2004 22:49:16 GMT  
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