Find/Open a Database from the Hard Drive 
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 Find/Open a Database from the Hard Drive

I've been assigned to do a project. I need to:

Create an image list containing the open file, find, Sort Asending and
a sort desending key

 Add the toolbar and  bind the images and create the captions.

 When the application starts, only the "open" button should be
 When the user clicks the open button, a common dialog box appears to
allow the user to select any Access database on the hard drive. The
dialog box should be filtered so only .mdb files appear.

After a database is chosen, the other controls appear,  the user
chooses a table name from the combo box and clicks the submit button.

The selected table's contents are then displayed in the data grid.  

At this point the other buttons on the toolbar are enabled and the
user can sort the results in ascending or descending order.

In addition, they can highlight the contents of any field in the
datagrid, click the "find" button and the results will be filtered by
the selection.  

The user can change tables at anytime and can choose a new database at
any time.

To load a new database, the controls are hidden until a database and
table are selected.

Can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tue, 17 May 2005 21:04:37 GMT  
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