"Swith To..." problem with ActiveX Exe 
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 "Swith To..." problem with ActiveX Exe

I have an ActiveX Exe component developed in VB6, and I am
intending to use it on VFox6. When the VB component is
working, I can't use my VFox application, the "Request
Pending Messages" messagebox appears (An Action cannot be
completed..., and then the buttons Switch To and Retry),
and I keep clicking on Retry, but it dies until my VB
component has ended its processing. I have tried changing
the VB code to just a Sleep(10000), and I can't use my VF
application until that Sleep has ended. Please, I need
some help!!!

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards, Pablo.

Sat, 23 Oct 2004 00:29:28 GMT  
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