COM object to access search engines 
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 COM object to access search engines

I don't even know if something like this exists...I need to access search
engine results programmatically without having to parse an HTML page - does
anyone know of a COM component that can run a search on Google or Altavista
or another popular search engine and return the results as an array or
recordset? I'm not talking about searches within a site, I know the Index
Server object model very well, I'm talking about searching the entire web
through Google or Altavista programmatically. Ideally, it would go something
like this:

oSearch.keywords = "microsoft windows bugs +2000"
oSearch.engine = ""
oSearch.params.add "url"
oSearch.params.add "percent"
Set oResults = oSearch.Execute

record 1:


etc., kind of like Index Server does on a local site. I don't care if it's a
recordset, XML, or just a plain old array as long as I can get to the raw
data and manipulate it programmatically without having to wade through a
bunch of HTML crap.

I asked Google and they said they don't have any software that does this, so
any suggestions would be very helpful. If someone has a similar technology
we would spend some money to get it developed into something useful for what
we're doing. It seems to me that the search engine itself would have to
support or have a mechanism for programmatic retrieval of results, so it may
not be possible without the cooperation of the search engine people, I don't
know. I would be interested in hearing anyone's opinion on this subject as
well. Thanks,

Tim Andrews, MCSE, Sr. e-Business Developer
One Merchant Inc.
(949) 481-0498 (office)

Wed, 21 Apr 2004 15:06:56 GMT  
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