Problems with MTS security or Database Security ????? 
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 Problems with MTS security or Database Security ?????

Help me please!!!!!

my problem :

That is a function in a component MTS in WinNT Server

Error : 70 Permission Denied

code :

Private Sub collectParams(ByRef cmd As ADODB.Command, ByVal argparams As Variant)
    Dim params      As Variant
    Dim v           As Variant
    Dim iNumeroParametros  As Integer
    Dim l           As Integer
    Dim u           As Integer
    Dim o As Variant

    If Not IsArray(argparams) Then Exit Sub
    params = argparams
    For iNumeroParametros = LBound(params) To UBound(params)
        l = LBound(params(iNumeroParametros))
        u = UBound(params(iNumeroParametros))

        If u - l = 3 Then

            If VarType(params(iNumeroParametros)(3)) = vbString Then
                v = IIf(params(iNumeroParametros)(3) = "", Null, params(iNumeroParametros)(3))
                v = params(iNumeroParametros)(3)    ' Here the problem
            End If

            cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter(params(iNumeroParametros)(0), _
                                                      params(iNumeroParametros)(1), _
                                                      adParamInput, _
                                                      params(iNumeroParametros)(2), v)
            MsgBox NOMBRE_MODULO, "collectParams(...): Incorrecto # de Parametros"
        End If

    Next iNumeroParametros
End Sub
Thank for your help



Fri, 05 Mar 2004 22:12:57 GMT  
 Problems with MTS security or Database Security ?????
It could be that you turned on the "Enable authorization checking" option,
while the user did not have enough permission to access the methods. Have a
try on turning that option off in MTS Explorer. For details, please refer
to the following article:

On the client side, since the server component calls back, try setting
Default Authentication Level in DcomCnfg to None.


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Sat, 06 Mar 2004 13:20:23 GMT  
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