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 Linking to a Web Site

I know that this might be a very basic question but I've tried everything
that I know of and can't make things work.

I am trying to make a command button go to a website when it is clicked.  So
far everything works.  I can get access to the website I want and things are
cool.  My problem is when I try to add data from a textbox into the URL it
cant connect.

Does anyone understand what I am talking about.  If more information is
needed let me know.

The URL is:

Then at the end after the = you are supposed to have a series of numbers and
it will show you tracking information on packages shipped through UPS.  My
program is connected to a database that the numbers and other information
are in.  So I can scroll through the data in a readable form.  But I'd like
to have it track the displayed package without have to type the tracking
number in.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

Aaron Todd

Sat, 28 Feb 2004 00:30:53 GMT  
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