Where is the remote object running in DCOM? 
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 Where is the remote object running in DCOM?


You are correct.  Anything you run through DCOM will be running on the
server.  So any methods or properties you access will be done on the
server.  Parameters you pass to them will be marshalled across the network
to the remote computer.  And any results returned will be marshalled back
to the client.  A quick way to test this is to create a method on the
server that returns the computer time to the client.  You will see (if the
two times are different of course ;>) that the time returned is that of the

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| As we know, in DCOM, we can do
| Set lobjRemoteObject = CreateObject(class,servername)
| Is it lobjRemoteObject running on the server?
| If I do lobjRemoteObject.method1, does it mean method1 is
| running on the server?
| If I want to get lobjRemoteObject.property1, does it mean
| property1 go through the network and then pass to the
| local PC?
| TIA.

Sat, 23 Oct 2004 06:02:18 GMT  
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