Printing Problem from ASP Page via VB COM Object 
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 Printing Problem from ASP Page via VB COM Object

Can anyone help me with this problem?

We are currently migrating our intranet server from Windows NT 4.0/IIS 4.0
to a bigger, better 2000 Server/IIS 5.0. We use locally developed Visual
Basic .dll to print barcode labels from the server-side script of our ASP
pages. This allows all the users to correctly build barcode images and print
them on a specialized barcode label printer using Windows printer drivers.

This works great on our current NT 4.0 server and has been for the past
year. We followed the Microsoft Knowledgebase instructions for allowing the
SYSTEM user access to the COM object in the registry and copied the printer
registry keys over to HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT.

Following along the same lines on the new 2000 Server, we modified the
registry for the printers but installed the COM .dll in Component Services
with a proxy user that runs all the intranet server COM processes. The
barcode printing works fine as long as the proxy user (or any user with the
barcode printer set as their default print).

The problem starts as soon as there isn't a user logged into the server. The
Server.CreateObject is successful as are the remaining commands that use
this COM object. The page completes successfully. However, no labels are
printed. All other COM processes on this server work correctly.

We have spent at least 20 man hours troubleshooting this and are open to any
ideas. The problem appears to be centered on the printer setup but the proxy
user and SYSTEM accounts have full rights to the HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT
registry path.

Thanks in advance!

Bill Patterson
Market Street Mortgage

Wed, 29 Dec 2004 11:59:59 GMT  
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