DCom & CLIREG32.exe 
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 DCom & CLIREG32.exe


We have successfully packaged & deployed VB before.. But
this time are attempting DCom.

We got a book.. & when we got this problem looked
everywhere for an answer can someone help???

When we package & deploy with DComs we get 1 missing
executable & 2 missing dlls.. The executable is
CLIReg32.exe.. (from reading very important to our success
of getting Dcom to work!!!) the 2 dlls are RacReg32.dll
and ODKOB32.dll (needed for remote, not sure their
importance with DCOM, but it's a new wantsy with the

We have Windows NT workstation 4.0 with Service pack 6..
We have VB Professional.. From the sounds of reading if we
have Windows NT 4.0 or above we should have DCOM on our
system.. (We are assuming (dangerous I know) that means
the drivers needed for using it??).. But we have looked at
other with the Windows 2000 on their machines & even they
don't have CliReg32,Racreg32 or Odkob32...??

Nothing we go to offers these Drivers..?? We are stuck
with a delightful system that is going nowhere if we can't
deploy it!!! Can anyone tell us where we should be looking
for our missing links??

Tue, 13 Jul 2004 23:43:02 GMT  
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