entries under the VBKeySave5 entry of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive 
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 entries under the VBKeySave5 entry of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive

could somebody please explain me what these entries mean.

just now i accidentally found these entries in the registry while searching
for the CLSID (or GUID???) of my Ax DLL.
under this 'VBKeySave5' key i found two entries looking something like
under the first entry there are about four entries named 'Delete??' (??
being two block letters) and exactly one 'Replace' entry.
under the second entry there is only one entry named 'Delete??' (?? being
two block letters) and exactly one 'Replace' entry.

on expanding these 'Delete??' and 'Replace' keys, i find the CLSID of my Ax
DLL and some entries in the form 'projectname.classname'.  under these same
keys, there are few other entries which look similar but their tree is

some info on what i have been doing with my project (Ax DLL).
- i have just made the 12th version of that DLL (over a period of time)
(version auto-increments)
- its instanciated in the asp page (only) using the 'projectname.classname'
- it not used in any exe project, early binded nor late binded.
- i have been using the project compatibility option, pointing to the
immediate previous (version) dll.
more info if needed.

please if anybody could elaborate on this. (its different sometimes, when
somebody knowing these things better, explains than having to read loads of
pages and figuring out whats happening)

and also any resouce (specific) where i can inform myself about specific
details regarding this.

thanks for you time.

Wed, 19 Feb 2003 01:02:42 GMT  
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