return com-objects from Component Serivces (transaction server) 
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 return com-objects from Component Serivces (transaction server)

I have a problem my components. If I register my Components (Shoping.dll)
use the following Testprogram, everything works fine. CsimpleList is a List
from Commerce Server.
If I put my component under the Component services I get an error:
obbList has some Objects, but I can't access these objects.

        Dim objShop As Shop
        Dim objAngebot As Angebot
        Dim objList As CSimpleListe

        Set objShop = CreateObject("")
        Set objList = objShop.GetAngebot()
        For Each objAngebot In objList                    ' here occurs the
            Debug.Print objAngebot.AngebotsName

has anybody an idea.

thanks in advance


Sat, 07 Feb 2004 19:22:04 GMT  
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