VB DCOM very slow under ASP 
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 VB DCOM very slow under ASP

I have created the MS test DCOM server as described in Q266717,
which simply calls and returns the server's time.  I wrote a VB
.exe test client and an ASP page to call the DCOM object.  When
both the client and server are on my internal network, the DCOM
object works as expected.  When I switch the server to our
external 'internet' connection, the VB .exe test client continues
to work (it takes about 3 seconds to return) but the ASP page
takes 15-30 seconds to run, and then times out about half the

Why would ASP have trouble under these circumstances?  What should
I look to add/change about the DCOM object?  I assume that the
permissions are OK, otherwise the ASP page would never return
correctly at all - is this assumption correct?

Steve Guidos

Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:13:42 GMT  
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