VB Debugger Causes Marshalling Problems? 
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 VB Debugger Causes Marshalling Problems?

I have an application consisting mostly of COM objects developed in C++ and
ActiveX controls developed in VB.

One of the COM objects implements an interface IMyInterface with a Copy
method whose signature is similar to this:

    HRESULT Copy( IMyInterface *pif )

The application works as expected under normal non-debugging conditions;
however, it fails when the ActiveX controls are loaded in the de{*filter*} when
IMyInterface::Copy is invoked to copy an object created in the VB6.exe
process to or from and object created in the application's process.  The
error seems to come up when the implementation of Copy QI's for a different
interface on the "remote" object... the interface pointer looks okay, but
all attempts to invoke methods on the newly obtained interface pointer fail.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Tue, 26 Oct 2004 03:27:27 GMT  
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