refresh tree view that reflects the Hard Drive. 
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 refresh tree view that reflects the Hard Drive.

Hello all!

I'm creating a tree view that reflects my hard drive folders and sub
everything is working just fine, but...

in my application(in the same form) I have an option to create another
when I'm creating a new folder and I try to rebuild the tree I can't see the
folder I have created till I exit my application(it is not enough to exit
the form) and enter again.

this problem is like you are adding a folder to the hard drive through an
application while the windows explorer is open and you can't see this folder
in the windows explorer until you refresh it(it happens with my application

how can I make my tree view to present my folder too(when I rebuild it).
please, I don't want to add it artificially.

this is how I create my tree(recursion):

GetFullTree "C:\Missions" , "Root"

Private Sub GetFullTree(folder As String, ParentKey As String)

    Dim fldr As folder
    Dim tmpFolder As folder

    Set tmpFolder = fso.GetFolder(folder)
    If tmpFolder.SubFolders.Count < 1 Then Exit Sub

    For Each fldr In tmpFolder.SubFolders
        Set mNode = tvwMsn.Nodes.Add(ParentKey, tvwChild, fldr.Name,
        mNode.Image = 2
        mNode.SelectedImage = 1
        GetFullTree fldr.Path, mNode.key
End Sub

Advanced thanks, Avi.

Sun, 24 Oct 2004 14:15:23 GMT  
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