DCOM permissions (error 70) on XP to W2k/NT 
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 DCOM permissions (error 70) on XP to W2k/NT


> Testing my DCOM application on XP and I have hit an interesting problem.
> The DCOM object I want to connect to is on a W2k workstation.  I can
> from NT 4.0 or W2k with no problems.  Trying to connect from XP gives
> 70.  I have set dcomcnfg at the DCOM object on the W2k machine to
> Authentication of NONE and Impersonate.  Also added Everyone to access.
> Basically opened it up following Q articles.  I did this on the default
> security tab as well (the individual settings never seemed to work
> On the XP machine, I found the settings for COM objects and set the
> the same way.  No authentication, impersonate, and allow everyone.   There
> are two different objects on the W2k machine. One is created fine, the
> is not.  The other one is declared Withevents so I know that is has to
> a path back to the XP machine.  If I install the same object locally on
> XP machine, everything connects to local XP.  CLSID are right and show in
> registry exactly the same as W2k machine.  Is there anything I have

> Thanks

Sun, 24 Oct 2004 07:26:26 GMT  
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