VB & C++ COM Components Talking 
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 VB & C++ COM Components Talking

Hi all,

Looking for some help with a C++ COM compoenent crossing the VB boundary. Here is
the situation:

I have a C++ COM dll that defines the CoClass Agent. It has interfaces IAgent,
ICorrection, and I Message. I have a VB ActiveX dll that defines the class
Algorithms with an interface IAlgorithms.  Upon instantiation, the Agent class
calls CoCreateInstance on the Algorithms class. All this works fine; now the

I want to pass a refernce to the Agent component to the Algorithm component. In
other words, the Agent holds an IAlgorithms interface, and the VB algorithm
component holds an IAgent interface to the component that created it. How should
I go about doing this? All my attempts compile, but I get unhandled exceptions
when I run my test.

Any help or stories of previous experience would be greatly appreciated! If
anyone knows of a book or web site where this is convered please let me know.  
Thanks in advance!

Sat, 25 Oct 2003 23:28:07 GMT  
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