Tracking down COM+ Errors 
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 Tracking down COM+ Errors

We're testing a VB 6 COM+ application we're developing and on the (Win 2000)
server we're getting COM+ errors. Not always the same error, but it manages
to take down every instance that's running. It only happens when we have
multiple instances running at once (and that's how the app has to be) and
doesn't happen on development desktops. We have error handling throughout
but by the time it gets back to our app it's an "automation error".

We've searched through MSDN and Google and have found where similar problems
were reported but none were answered with anything more than a "stab in the

So, what I'm wondering, is there some tool, some process, some methodology
for being able to track down whatever error we encounter? On other
platforms, like mainframes, you can always resort to something. Like a
memory dump. Ugly as hell but it would contain the answers. You hated to use
them, but they worked.

Even if we stumble on the answer here it may happen again and we'd like to
know how to find it reliably. Anyone have anything to share?


Mon, 13 Sep 2004 00:30:56 GMT  
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