early binding / late binding 
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 early binding / late binding

I am using com+ admin dll, after puting the reference I can use it normaly

dim blah as new comadmin.comadmincatalog

but I can also use it as

set blah = createobject("comadmin.comadmincatalog")

but if i going to use the ComAdminCatalogCollection, I cannot use the
createobject method. I checked in the registry HKCR\CLSID for the ProgID
but i couldn't found the progID. So, though I create the ComAdminCatalog
using createobject, why I can't use the ComAdminCatalogCollection using
createobject ? Seems like they have exposed ComAdminCatalog as the
publicaly creatable class ?

Thu, 17 Jun 2004 12:14:03 GMT  
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