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Hello All,

I know I can debug a ActiveX dll, which is used in ASP,  in VB IDE, after i
had installed it in MTS. However when i reference the "COM+ service type
library" in VB. I use the following code to access the ASP built in object
for the active web session. It works quite well for non-debuging mode, but
it has an error "91" in the debug code, it means it can not get the refrence
to the object.

I also have seached the microsoft msdn online, but the solution metioned
there does not work.

' the VB code

Public Sub GoToUrl()

Dim oASPResponse As ASPTypeLibrary.Response

Set oASPSession = GetObjectContext("Session")

oASPResponse.Redirect "index.asp"

End Sub



Silicon Creature

Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:13:34 GMT  
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