Need some help. More trivial issues :) 
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 Need some help. More trivial issues :)


I've been trying to print a form using Me.PrintForm
I have two questions I wasn't able to resolve, and I'll be glad to get
some reponses from you folks

A) The form has a wide chart that needs to be printed vertically, how
do I change the orientation? I tried to use Printer.Orientation =
vbPRORLandscape but it gave me an error: Can't print form image to
this type of printer

B) How do I change the form's size to fit the chart (As you probably
know, printform only prints what is currently visible in the form
window, big or small)? There seems to be a maximum I can't pass

C) Some thing else, how do I change the modality of a form. I tried
Modality = vbModeless in form_load() and it didn't work

Many thanks.. :)

Fri, 11 Feb 2005 05:48:52 GMT  
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