Permission Denied while passing Dictionary 
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 Permission Denied while passing Dictionary

Hi, All,

    I wrote a VB COM with 2 function X & Y for my ASP, it registered via
Windows 2000 COM Manager.
Public Function X(byval I as integer) as string
Public Function Y(byval dctInfo as Scripting.Dictionary) as string
    I works fine with my ASP.  While I try to write a VB program to use this
COM, I get a Error 70, Permission Denied when I call Y, but no problem when
calling X.  I doubt the function Y code first, so change Y as

Public Function Y(byval dctInfo as Scripting.Dictionary) as string
End Function

    The same error still exists util I change the argument "dctInfo" as
string.  It seems this problem is related with passing a "Object"(like
Dictionary) to COM.  I move and run the COM DLL and VB on my local Win2K
Pro, no problem at all.  If this is a Marshaler permission problem?  Anothor
potential problem is I just remove the trust relationship from my Win2K
Server and anthor old NT PDC.  What's the next step to check?  Thanx in


Wed, 15 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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