COM interop or VBScript problem 
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 COM interop or VBScript problem

I've exported my .NET class as COM object. One parameter of the class is
ArrayList instance.
When I try to access it from VBScript, last construction doesn't work:

set con = CreateObject("ClassLibraryVB.MyArrClass")
set Arr2 = Con.Arr
MsgBox(Arr2(1)) 'Works fine
MsgBox(Con.Arr.Item(1)) 'Works fine
MsgBox(Con.Arr(1)) 'Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment

Where is the problem?

P.S. VB .NET class declaration:

Public Class MyArrClass
Public Arr As ArrayList

Public Sub New()

Arr = New ArrayList()



End Sub

End Class


Sat, 29 Jan 2005 20:59:37 GMT  
 COM interop or VBScript problem
Denis, this group is for earlier versions of VB. Post the question to
*.dotnet.* groups (try on microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.interop).

Eduardo A. Morcillo [MS MVP-VB]

Sun, 30 Jan 2005 00:07:05 GMT  
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