Write and SaveAs Excel files 
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 Write and SaveAs Excel files

I have problem as follow,
I have  excel files itch in different folder, named as "source11" ( in one
dir) and  "report11" (in other dir) ( e.g for November) , Every month I copy
and rename them as "source12" and "report12", and in some cell in "report12"
write  number, 12, it need also to change links in "report12"  to refer to
the "source12". I have 4 different excel files and I do this every month.
In one of my previous application, I have problems like, .exe file and excel
file must be in same dir, but I need to start an .exe file from any location
different from excel file location
How can I do this with an VB application,
Thanks in advance

Sun, 04 Jul 2004 22:27:40 GMT  
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