Problem while installing MTS DLL 
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 Problem while installing MTS DLL

I have developed a small program to register / unregister components (DLL)
in my registry. Everything seems to work well but often I discover that
previous versions of the DLL exist in the registry. The program that I use
to register / unregister  simply executes regsvr32 " DllFileName " [ / u ].
The binary compilation of the DLL does not generate new entries in the
registry. For this reason is not necessary to unregister  the component. But
before nonbinary compilation, I unRegister the component and soon I compile
Often, the data in then registry entry appears UpperCase (when I Register
the DLL using my program). But when the registry entry is created by the
compilation process appears correctly, For Ex

 " C:\Software\COM DLLs\Data Access\DataAccess.dll "

- {1D4A5ACA-A66B-11D3-99C5-0050040F070B}
    - 39.0
"Component For DataAccess"
        - 0
            - Win32
"C:\Software\COM DLLs\Data Access\DataAccess.dll"
        - FLAGS
        - HELPDIR
"C:\Software\COM DLLs\Data Access"

The thing that worries more to me is because the registry appears dirty with
previous versions. It is possible automatically to eliminate all the
existing versions of a certain DLL?

The classes of some DLL are transactional as soon as they are destined to
the MTS. When i drag the DLLs to MTS, I have another problem with one DLL. I
get this error messagge

"One or more Dlls estan damaged. Or there was an exception during the
process of installation of a DLL or the DLL and its library of synchronous
types inlaid not this. Verify that the valid versions of the files in run
time of the application or other dependence are available in the directory
of the DLL of the component or the system path"

The message is in spanish language.

This occurs with only one DLL. What means this error and how it can be

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Antonio Paglia

Sat, 15 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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