COM DLL calling external non-COM DLL problem. 
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 COM DLL calling external non-COM DLL problem.

I've created a VB 6 ActiveX DLL project with function call prototypes to a
3rd party DLL, and having references to the MS Active Server Pages Object
Library and the MS Scripting Runtime (for interaction with an ASP).  So, my
ASP is calling my ActiveX DLL which is calling procedures in the 3rd party
DLL.  However, upon ASP execution, I receive a "File Not Found" error on the
3rd party's DLL, regardless of where I copy their DLL (to the same location
as the ASP, the same location as my ActiveX DLL, and the System32 dir).

Is it possible to execute DLL procedures from an ActiveX DLL called by IIS
(ASP)?  If not, is there a workaround?  Right now, my ActiveX DLL is
basically trying to act as an interface between the ASP and the 3rd party
DLL; it has no other function.

Thanks for any help.


Mon, 29 Sep 2003 19:40:25 GMT  
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