Problem getting parameter returned from stored procedure in VB 
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 Problem getting parameter returned from stored procedure in VB

I have a stored procedure that returns a parameter. In asp, I call the
procedure this way:
Set objCmd.ActiveConnection = objConn
objCmd.CommandText = my_sql_String
objCmd.CommandType = adComdText
objCmd(0).Direction = adParamReturnValue
returnValue = obCmd(0)

This works in ASP. If I use the same in VB writing a COM object, I get
"Syntax error or access violation" at the line: objCmd(0).Direction =

Any idea why?

As the sql string, I tried "Exec insert_table..." and "{?=Call insert_table
(... "
The insert works if I comment out the offending line.


Sat, 01 Mar 2003 05:29:21 GMT  
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