MSComm Control. 
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 MSComm Control.

I'm presently developing a POS program that will print into a serial port
(utilizing the web as the app's interface). I tried using the MSComm Control
and it works just fine in my VB app.. Can I use the same control on a web
interface? As far as i know, this is possible. However, the MSCOMM control
should be downloaded to the client and must be registered automatically?
Another thing, how will I know that the printer is online and attached to
the serial port? Am not using any printer device driver(Using this is out of
the question). Any bright idea from noted gurus?

Wed, 12 May 2004 09:54:37 GMT  
 MSComm Control.

Can I use the same control on a web

No.  You can create an ActiveX server (DLL or EXE) that you call from your
ASP code using CreateObject.  The ActiveX server code can wrap MSComm in a
class module to make its properties available.  The mComm example on my
homepage may be compiled as an ActiveX for this purpose (I have done so, so
I know that it works).

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