Timeout Expired (What is causing this???) 
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 Timeout Expired (What is causing this???)

Hello All,

We have a distributed application running on our network.
Here are the following tiers:

client-tier = Win98
Middle-tier = Windows 2000 Server
Data-tier = SQL Server 2000 (two servers - ServerA and ServerB)

Client contains VB6 runtime, OCX and other support files.  ADO CommandTimeout
of the Connection object is set to 600 seconds (10 mins) in VB code.

Middle tier contains all business logic components and application
utility components running under W2K COM+ in transactions.  COM+ transaction
timeout setting = 3000s = 60 minutes.

SQL Server 2000 is the data store.

The problem we are having is every time we attempt to make an update
to certain tables using SQL ServerB, we always get "Microsoft
SQL Server OLE DB Provider: Timeout Expired" after about 30 seconds.
We do not have this problem if we switch (just changing the "Activation"
string in COM+) to SQL ServerA.  Works 100% on ServerA.  Fails 100% on
ServerB.  The database on ServerB was a copy from ServerA.

This 30 seconds seems to appear to relate to ADO CommandTimeout of the
Command object which be default is 30 seconds but can't confirm this is
what is causing the problem.

Can anyone tell me what my problem is?  I'd greatly appreciate any help
I can get.  

Thanks in advance.

Sydney Luu

Mon, 26 Sep 2005 04:47:15 GMT  
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