VB6 missed events. 
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 VB6 missed events.


I came across an error in a VB app that I cannot find an
immediate explanation for.

I am using a VB app to pull data from a DDE server, which
is getting data from another PC.  Both of these PC's
reside on a VME backplane.

The problem is: I set up an event to be triggered when the
data from the DDE link CHANGES.  98% of the time it works
fine.   Occasionally the event does not trigger.  The
event procedure or sub routine is relatively small - less
than 20 lines of code.  The whole app is less than 500k.

My first suspicion was that the DDE server was failing.  I
now believe it is working fine though.  I tested this by
coding a Timed event at 600ms to provide back up to the
'Changed' event.  So I have the same basic parts of the
program being triggered by a "Change in a DDE value" and a
"Timed event watchihg for a change in the DDE value".  

Result:  The Changed Event routine skipped an event again,
but the Timed event routine picked up this skipped event.  
This tells me that DDE is doing it's job, but the compiled
VB app is occasionally missing trigger points.

My questions to the group:
- Has anyone seen this kind of thing before?
- Does anyone know why this happens?
- Does anyone know of a fix for this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Tue, 09 Mar 2004 21:38:34 GMT  
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