VBA debugger can't enter break mode 
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 VBA debugger can't enter break mode

I've encountered a problem in the Excel VBA de{*filter*}.  It
can be duplicated as follows:

1. Open two workbooks - book1 and book2
2. In book2, create a module with the following code:
    Sub Test1
        workbooks("book1").sheets("sheet1").copy _
    End sub
3. Try to step through (F8) the code.

As soon as it hits the copy, I get a "can't enter break
mode" message, making it impossible to step through any
subsequent code in the de{*filter*}.  This is true even if I
set a breakpoint at a later point.  I've tried numerous
combinations of switching the active workbook, naming
sheets differently, copying the sheet into book1 and then
moving it to book2, etc.  It always gets the same result
when the sheet hits book2.

Any ideas?

Mon, 20 Sep 2004 04:53:03 GMT  
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