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 VBA to VBasic6.0

You probably know this already if you have written code to drive excel, but
there is a nice excel object model help file with a hot-image tree of the
full excel object hierarchy.

When I wrote code in VB five, I had to hunt around... I think it was maybe
either not installed by default from the Office CD, or was installed and
sitting in a directory, but with no shortcuts or indication it was there
until I found it.

But it was a nice visual map, as well as analytic tool with properties and
methods described.

have fun,
Dave Marx


>I've written some code with an Excel file and now I'd like
>to transform it as an ".exe" file.
>For exemple, VB6.0 doesn't know ActiveWorkbook.Sheets

>Is it possible ?

>Thank you for answering.

Mon, 20 Sep 2004 03:32:34 GMT  
 VBA to VBasic6.0


> Hi,

> You can call the Excel object model from VB (Excel has to be installed on
> the target machine).  To do this you add a Project Reference to Microsoft
> Excel (via the Project Menu).  You may then do anything from VB that you
> could have done from VBA.  The syntax may vary slightly, but not require any
> changes that should take more than a few minutes, I'd think.

Thats not true. The listbox in VBA has columns, VB not.
In vba you can init the multi colum lisstbox with

dim array(3, 6)
'fill array here, and than


Probably the syntax isn't perfect.

Mon, 20 Sep 2004 05:48:02 GMT  
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