VB IDE crashes randomly on 2000/XP 
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 VB IDE crashes randomly on 2000/XP

Hi All

We've recently upgraded our PC's to 2000/XP Professional
but are now experiencing problems when trying to
run/debug our application from within the VB IDE.  The
IDE suddenly crashes without any warning.  We've tried to
pinpoint when the crash occurs, but it happens at random
events, i.e. when copying data between tables in Access,
trying to open Windows Explorer etc.  We've also removed
all Add-Ins from within the VB IDE.

The program we are running is quite complex with close to
20 DLL's and 3 OCX'es loaded into the IDE.  We use some
third party controls and make use of Access 2000

Any ideas?


Sat, 18 Sep 2004 15:49:20 GMT  
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