What is Runtime Error 713 ???? 
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 What is Runtime Error 713 ????

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>Hi All;

>I wrote an application that is being used by some schools
in a large
>school system. I am using VB6 sp5. In two schools it runs
fine on all
>computers. In one school I get a runtime error:

>'Runtime Error 713'
>'Application-Defined or Object-Defined error'

>It is a networked application.  In the two schools it is
installed on
>about 40 computers, running win95, win98, win98se, nt
workstation, and
>win2k. All installations are working fine.  In one of the
>functions I am using Infragistics ultra grid to display

>In the third school the menu choice that runs a query and
>the information in ultra grid fails giving the above
error. this
>occurs on 4 of 8 computers where the program is

installed. The other 4

>work fine. all are win98se. I cannot find any information
about error
>713 on the MSDN disks, or in the knowledge base.

>Does anyone know what causes this error? is it a VB error
or an Ultra
>Grid error?
>Thanks In Advance
>Jim Iscaro        


I am also using same Infragistic grid and I am getting a
same error...Could not figure it out who is trowing this
error but I thing it's VB altough I thing that UltraGrid
has some memory issues and when system is low on memory
this error happens.


Sat, 02 Oct 2004 21:52:46 GMT  
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