I want a imty solution...V.V.Imp. 
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 I want a imty solution...V.V.Imp.

Hello Friends,
   I want to solve a problem regarding the Download of
Excel data's to Access using VB (ADO Code).

During the Download of Excel data to Access,using ADO code
I am getting
Error : Run Time Error -2147467259(80004005) Numeric Field

Actually this error , is due to the Default datatype
consideration of Excel.
(ie) Ado is Considering the Excel sheet as a Table and
While retreeving the data's from Excel. its Reading first
8 rows from sheeet and fixing the Datatype in default

So while reading that Excel Recordset

I am reaceving the Runtimeerror (as said above) because my
excel data for initial rows ie for first 100 rows is
number and then from 101 row is alfa numerinc. So if the
Default consideration of Excel data type is number then
its error for 101 th row

How to over come, if no way pl say the Efficient other
method to download the Excel datas to Access.


Sat, 07 Aug 2004 20:00:55 GMT  
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