Program runs in IDE well, but EXE crashes 
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 Program runs in IDE well, but EXE crashes

On a windows 2000 SP1 machine, with VB 6 SP5 i have a program
accessing an access 2000 database via ADO.

It runs without any problem in IDE, performing inserts, deletes. reports
with data report designer are ok.

when you generate the exe and run it, it works for some time, performs some
but during a load of a form or some insert/update it crashes with access
violation in NTDLL.DLL

On a win98 machine with VB6 without any SP, generated exe runs on that w98
machine w/o any problem.

I close all recordsets i use, set them to nothing. i load forms with vbmodal

what could be the cause?

thanx in advance.

Tue, 07 Oct 2003 20:09:47 GMT  
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