Using SEEK on DBF files and indexes 
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 Using SEEK on DBF files and indexes

Hello out there,

I have got a question about handling dBASE indexes in VB5.

The problem:
I am opening a dBASE III table directly using the OpenDatabase method.
The dbf file contains several indexes (not created by VB5) of which index 2
consists of 2 attributes. Using the seek method never gives me a proper

Going into this problem I found something strange.
When I look into the index file using notepad I see the following first

  ?^      _ _   _     STR(SOFINR,9) + STR(ANR,10)

The two attributes SOFINR and ANR are in the correct order and with the
correct length.

When I use the tabledefs and indexes in VB to determine what indexes are
present and which attributes the indexes consists of I get the following:

td.Indexes(1).Fields = "+ANR;+SOFINR"

The attributes are not in the proper expected order.
Could this be the reason I do not find any data?
Using Dbase there are no problems.

As a test i created an extra index on the file using the following VB

Set id = td.CreateIndex("test#003")
id.Fields.Append id.CreateField("Sofinr")
id.Fields.Append id.CreateField("Anr")
td.Indexes.Append id

Looking into the created index file test.003 shows the following first line:

__  X^   C  _ _   _ _   STR(SOFINR,9,0)+STR(ANR,10,0)

Using VB to show me the attributes of the index gives me the following info:

td.Indexes(2).Fields = "+SOFINR;+ANR"
This is OK.
Using this index in VB gives me proper results.

Is this a VB bug?
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Robert-Jan van Diest

Sun, 15 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Using SEEK on DBF files and indexes
Sorry, but DAO cannot use dbase indexes which are based on
expressions, as yours appears to do.

-- Jim Ferguson, FMS

Sun, 15 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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