DataMemberChanged Fix (Q223099) -- New Problem 
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 DataMemberChanged Fix (Q223099) -- New Problem

I am having a problem with the DataMemberChanged method
within a UserControl set as a vbDataSource.

The knowledgebase article (Q223099) indicates that
previously "The parameter passed into the
DataMemberChanged method is incorrectly interpreted and
the data consumers are not notified.".

Data consumers are now being notified as is indicated;
however the parameter is still being ignored as data
consumers are being notified for all datamembers.

This is a huge problem as 1 datamember changes, all of
the consumers regardless of which datamember they are
bound to think they have changed and refresh loosing
their record pointer and causing events to fire.  The
only workaround we have so far is to only setup 1
datamember per datasource control (which is highly

Here is an excerpt from my code (in the unlikely case I
am missing something):

Public Sub RefreshDataMember(strDataMember As String, _
        rs As ADODB.Recordset)
    m_DataMembers.Remove strDataMember
    m_DataMembers.Add rs, strDataMember
    DataMemberChanged strDataMember
End Sub

Wed, 08 Sep 2004 00:35:09 GMT  
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