Coolbar Bug - VB6(not SP1) 
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 Coolbar Bug - VB6(not SP1)


When I create OCX using VB 6.0(I've not installed SP1) which use coolbar as
a container of toolbar, it makes UA error when a IE window uses it, and a
form uses it shall be closed.

The exact situation is that as using Coolbar, if you set any control as the
child of a band, place the coolbar on any usercontrol object, make it as a
OCX, use the OCX in IE or any form, and close the IE or the form, you will
get a UA.

To avoid this, when the terminate event occurs, you must set the band's
child to be nothing like as following:

Public Sub UserControl_Terminate()
    Set Coolbar1.Bands(1).Child = Nothing
End Sub

You must set the all bands' child to be nothing so as not to occur UA error.
Any body know that this bug is fiexd in the SP1?

Sat, 07 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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