VB App Crashes on Exit... 
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 VB App Crashes on Exit...

I have a program called PMDB that has worked well for some time.

Suddenly, on two of our Windows 2000 Professional machines, the
program generates this error message when the user closes the database
OR sometimes it just crashes and generates this message:


PMdB.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.  You will
need to restart the program.

An error log is being created.


(Searching the logs does not find any entry related to this error.)

As I said, it only crashes on two of our machines.  There are other
computers (including my development computer) that run this OS but do
not experience a crash.

I had recently added a timer control to the program, but after
removing the control and all the code, the errors still occurs.

I also checked the code on my Form_Unload.  Each line is being
executed successfully before the crash.  I am also unloading all

For i = Forms.Count - 1 To 1 Step -1
 Unload Forms(i)

This is a VB6 (SP5) program.
The database is SQL 2000.

Project References:
Visual Basic For Applications - msvbvm60.dll
Visual Basic runtime objects and procedures - msvbvm60.dll\3
Visual Basic objects and procedures - VB6.OLB
OLE Automation - stdole2.tlb
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.5 Library - msado25.tlb
Microsoft Data Binding Collection VB 6.0 (SP4) - msbind.dll
VideoSoft VSSpell 6.0 Control - VSSPELL6.oca
Microsoft Outlook 9.0 Object Library - MSOUTL9.OLB
Data Dynamics ActiveReports - actrpt.dll
Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library - dao360.dll
Microsoft Data Report Designer 6.0 (SP4) - msdbrptr.dll
Microsoft Data Formatting Object Library 6.0 (SP4)
SafeOutlook Library - Redemption.dll

VideoSoft VSSpell 6.0 Control
APEX True DBGrid 6.0 (OLEDB)
DevPower ButtonBar Control
FarPoint TabPro Control
Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0 (SP4) (OLEDB)
Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0 (SP3)
Microsoft Data Bound List Controls 6.0
Microsoft DataList Controls 6.0 (OLEDB)
Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2)
Microsoft Windows Common COntrols-2 6.0 (SP4)

Sun, 03 Oct 2004 18:49:18 GMT  
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